It is to believe that the effectiveness of modern medicine could give relief as fast as one minute. They would make a conclusion that this way would make life more convenient and better in terms of living in this world with full of diseases. In a way that, whenever and wherever you go, you don’t need to bring leaves or stem or any parts of the plants just to cure and make yourself better. With the use of modern technology and approach, clinical laboratories and pharmacist created medicine for faster recovery of a patient. In a way that they could just instantly take it and be better as soon as possible. There is a certain dosage for each kind of medicine that we can see in the capsule or tables or even in the liquid form of medicine. If you have headache, most of the older people would suggest that you have to drink water or warm water or maybe you just need to sleep a little or take a rest or even close your eyes and relax your body to relieve yourself from headache. Sometimes, older people would give a massage to their head or to the younger kids to find relief from this severe headache. Some parents in the past would even boil some traditional plants for their kids if they are suffering from headache. Now, everything is very different, you can just stock medicine supplies in your house or you can go to the nearest drugstores, pharmacy or even hospital and now to some stores or supermarkets and buy the medicine that you need for the specific illness or disease that you are suffering from. Some people would buy kratom capsule. But, do we really know the meaning of having western medicine in our life?


WESTERN AND MODERN WAY OF TREATING OUR DISEASES AND ILLNESSES: For some people now, they would call it as their best friend in many ways. Best friend in a way that for example they are on a travel or maybe a long vacation and far away from the city. They could just bring some medicine for headache, for stomachache and even for some serious illnesses. Kids now are the most prone to western medicine. A simple headache or stomachache would automatically mean taking some medicine. Most of them don’t know how to take care of themselves and sometimes would depend their life to whatever is easy to use and take. Even the way we like to make our illnesses and operations go away. We have many hospitals now to make ourselves better immediately. They would just take the operation as much as possible. Using all the modern technology and discoveries. But, do we really know what will happen to us if we would use all of it every time. How long can we take those kinds of medicines. Is it ok to be dependent forever to these kinds of way of treatment?